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What are the Best Crystals for Root Chakra?

Root chakra and is situated one of the seven cores of the body and is considered the first chakra. It is also known as Adhar or Muladhara chakra. It is located at the base of the system of seven centers. It is situated at the base of the spine, by the end of the spinal cord. It signifies the energy from the element of earth. Due to its location, it is also known as the coal of energy. And hence it lays the foundation for our longer life. Several functions are associated with Muladhara chakra, including survival, basic needs including food, sleep, shelter and health, security, physicality, the physical identity of self, support, grounding, and laying the foundation for living life longer.

What happens when the root chakra is not balanced?

People have a lot of energy blocks that prevent them from unleashing the full power of the root chakra. A disparity in the first chakra doesn’t only have adverse effects on physical health but it also has adverse effects on emotional health.

Energy blocks and imbalances usually lead to energy sabotaging. It stops from unleashing the full vitality of the body and ends up making one feel exhausted and dull. In some cases, one might also feel unwell. A disparity in Muladhara chakra, on an emotional level, is associated with excessive negativity, cynicism, insecurity, greed, illusion, having eating disorders, and survival mode. The root chakra can be healed with crystals.

Heal the Root Chakra with these healing crystals

Different healing gems and crystals have different properties. They have their own vibrational energies and their own unique meanings. Just like all these healing crystals are unique, the way to use them is also unique. However, charged and cleansed healing stones are the most effective when they are the closest to the affected chakra. They can be worn as a piece of jewelry or can be placed in close proximity to the chakra. Another way is placing them in houses or office spaces.

Here is a list of five crystals that are best known to heal the root chakra, with their meanings:

Red Jasper

Colour: Earthy red

Meaning: This semi-precious stone is also popular as the ‘Ring bringer’ stone. It is used to cleanse and balance the chakras.


Red Carnelian

Colour: Orange to light red

Meaning: Red carnelian has known for its historical importance and is considered a semi-precious stone. It has been worn for strength and courage. It is known to activate and cleanse.



Colour: Black

Meaning: This organic gemstone is popular as the stone of protection. It is known for its cleansing and balancing properties.


Black Tourmaline

Colour: Black

Meaning: This unique semi-precious gemstone is used for grounding the self spiritually. It is known to cleanse and balance the chakras.



Colour: Green with red spots

Meaning: This stone has traditional value and has been used to increase self-esteem and avoid negativity. It cleanses and balances oneself.



Our ancestors made changes in their diet and exercised to balance the root chakra. And when that is not enough, crystals are powerful alternatives as they have healing properties and help in balancing the unbalanced chakras. It doesn’t only heal, but also re-energizes.

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