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Amethyst Japa Mala

A Japa Mala that can help to release stress and encourage true passion in life. It is one of the spiritual stones, which promote the love of the divine. Amethyst has a great healing power. It is very helpful in treating insomnia. It enhances your memory and improves motivation, which helps you to set realistic goals. ◊ Primary Chakras: Third Eye, Crown ◊ Associated Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Aquarius ◊ Associated Planet: Jupiter ◊ Associated Element: Air, Water ◊ Key Traits: Cleansing, Purification, Calming, Overcoming Addictions, Meditation, Balance, Healing Wearing and using Amethyst mala beads is a powerful and efficient way to access the healing benefits of this gemstone in your yoga practice and daily life. If you have a meditation altar, placing your Amethyst mala on it will also help to empower and activate the space for healing. OUR ALL PRODUCTS ARE ENERGIZED BY REIKI FIRST AND THEN SHIPPED FOR THE POSITIVE RESULTS.