About Dr. A K Gupta

Dr. A K Gupta (Reiki Grandmaster, M.D(A.M)) started the healing practice 30 years back in Amritsar. He is a great believer of “karma” and follows the teachings of GOD rigorously. He has conducted various workshops and camps to cure people and spread the teaching of Reiki Healing. Many people got benefit from his healings emotionally and physically. 

During his practice, he has found various methods of joining Reiki Healing with other spiritual and alternative therapies i.e. Crystal, Pyramid and Water Healing, etc. He is the one, who has guided many by predicting about people’s problem with the incredible blessing Reiki Astrology. 

Other than the above Dr. A K Gupta is also an expert in Vastu Shastra & Fengshui. His expertise leads the way to peace to many in their personal as well as professional life. 

Services by Dr. A K Gupta


Energize Your Crystals

Amplify the energy of your crystal/stone by getting it healed. Energizing a crystal with Reiki Healing helps to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. Fill the form below to book a Crystal Healing Session with us.

Know Your Crystal

The energy from crystals can help protect, heal, and energize the mind, body, and soul. Crystals react differently for each person. Are you confused about which Crystal to buy? Let us help you! We do a thorough study of your stars and their effects before suggesting a healing crystal to you. Our study is based on Astrology, Numerology, Reiki & Crystal Therapy. Kindly, fill the form below to make us help you in the choice of crystal.

Reiki Astrology

Explore your destiny with astrology services and get solutions for the life. Ask online and get consultation from the re-known Reiki Astrologer, Dr. A K Gupta (Reiki Grandmaster & M.D (A.M.)). The doctor has been practicing Reiki from past 35 years and helped people throughout his journey with the spiritual blessings. Kindly fill the following form to send an astrology request. Your will hear back from us in next 48 hours to schedule the call. Session Duration - 45-60 minutes Conversation Mode: Call or Whatsapp Maximum No. of Questions: 4-5 (about a single person)