Crystal & Tarot Divination

How to use Crystals with Tarot?

Crystal & Stones can be beautifully used with Tarot and are one of the easiest ways to call your intuition. From cleaning the deck to create balanced energy in the reading surroundings, it helps a Tarot Reader in numerous ways. It even helps to energize the altar and Tarot Deck. Crystals have an exceptional energy and can intensify the intuitive process. Place these crystals on your altar or make a grid around, they help you to strengthen your intuitive energy and make a decision.

It’s All About Energy And Vibration

There are super-easy ways you can use the power of crystals in your every day Tarot practice.

Before The Reading

Mediating is required before starting the reading process, and a crystal can be helpful to avoid distractions and tune into the intuitive state. The best crystal to choose for the cleaning before the reading process is Clear Quartz. You can choose the Moonstone to increase your intuition power.

During The Reading

Crystal elixirs are excellent methods to shift the vibration of a crystal into your body at the cellular level. You can make a variation of elixirs for various purposes.

A Citrine Elixirs you to overcome your fears before delivering a message to a client by boosting your confidence and making you less sensitive and a Rose Quartz Elixirs opens your Heart Chakra to promote the loving vibes to the client while reading.

After The Reading

Once finished with the reading, it is advisable to store the cards with a piece of Black Tourmaline to keep the energies pure. The crystal will bring protection and vanishes the negative energies.

Crystals that work well with Tarot Cards

There are a few selected Crystals who work well with Tarot Divination. A Tarot reader must use these while reading and channelizing the energy in surroundings. It helps you to give more accurate readings and manifest your tarot deck. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

It is considered as the purest among all quartz stones. Other than it’s healing properties, this crystal also has incredible energize properties. It helps you to clean your Tarot Deck, clear and channelize the energy, and amplifies the energy.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has enormous healing powers of love, heart, and emotions. This crystal gives support to the Tarot readers who are more into relationship readings. It helps the reader to share their feelings with the client in a struggling Tarot reading. Thus, it is always beneficial to keep it with you during the session.



Amethyst is a beautiful and incredible crystal that magically helps in Tarot Divination. It is a great source of the energy hence, it dignifies the energy and raises the level of vibrational frequencies. Amethyst is the perfect crystal for mediums and intuitive readers. It can provide numerous benefits to readers in Tarot Divination.



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